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The RAL Experience

Philosopher-poet, writer, astrologer, lecturer, & now photographer,
discussion group facilitator,
Ron “The Lamp” Lampi, Ronald A. Lampi (Ral)

“The Lamp of Psyche”
Poet of the New Age

Maybe you are one who still
     has ears.
Maybe you are a seed—
To hear the Tree singing,
that you might become
      a Tree

I am here to share with you the Fountain that I have found—the Fountain of Unlimited Creativity.

Remember, there is always more than meets the eye, unless you can see with the other Eye. The Golden Thread can appear anywhere. I have no doubt, you’ll come across it in this Labyrinth we travel together. Clues are everywhere.

The challenge for any poet today: Can a poet make a difference in today’s world? Is it possible that a poet in the Postmodern world can offer the world a Vision?

I do not consider myself a Postmodernist, but I have lived through Postmodernism—the whole thrust of my work is to help in the transition out of a self-destructive, spiritually bankrupt, Postmodern world. I have dedicated my life to the New Age Vision and its dispensation. I see my work as a bridge into the new Aquarian Age.

Is this a Renaissance time? There are those of us who believe it is.

Follow with me the guidance of the Golden Thread through the corridors of the Labyrinth and we will reach the Living Fountain. It is the Fountain of Unlimited Creativity. I do believe that taking creativity to a new level is the secret to the Aquarian Age.

I invite you to enter this Fountain with me, and I promise, you will come to know the illuminated Waters of Spirit. You will begin to see with the new eyes—the Eye—offered by its Vision. It is the Vision of Psyche.

I am a poet who has been called to reweave the World Fabric with the Golden Thread— it was put into my hand by Psyche Divine. My intent is to spell out and make explicit what others so often only hint at, generalize and beat-around-the-bush about. We hear a lot of talk relating to myth today, but too often it only leads to playing at dead myths. Through the Vision of Psyche I received, I have seen the new Mythos. As a cultural creative, then, I see myself as a mythmaker of the new Mythos for the contemporary world, my Calling to bring the new Mythos into the world.

The Mythos begins somewhere
and must begin with someone

On the local level, here where I live in the Santa Cruz area, I am a regional poet of Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay. I celebrate this place through a whole body of poems that are focused here. I have developed the notion of the Mythos of place and how it ties into the larger global picture. It was over our Goddess Bay that the Vision of Psyche appeared to me some 30 years ago. I am still only now beginning to share the even larger body of work that would birth this Vision, its Mythos, into the world. For this Vision is more than a “personal mythology,” and its reference is more than regional—the Vision of Psyche is of this time, this Age, and of this entire planet Earth. The story of the Vision of Psyche is now available in a published work by that title, The Vision of Psyche.

I invite you to join me in the weaving of the new Mythos coming into the world. See the essay An Invitation to participate in The MYTHOS.

There is a New Story beginning to be told on Earth— See another published work titled The New Story, Two poems.

Realize that there are those of us who have worked on our Path behind the scenes for many years. But the time is now to pour forth of the Waters of the Fountain…

Nietzsche: God is dead. End of Story.
Postmodernists: We agree. There is no Story.
Lampi: The Gods return. Beginning of the New Story.


Some of the themes that you will find in my work:


What is Postmodernism and why we must move beyond it.
Why we must transform the Traditions.
What is it to be a Transformer?
Encountering Being anew as the philosophical foundation for the New Age.
Being and its interface with Human Reality.
Why the Fountain is the new, alternative symbol of the Aquarian New Age.
Why the Fountain is the foundation of New Age spirituality and of any New Age religion.
Who Psyche is. Why do I make the claim that Psyche is the Mythos of the New Age?
Why Psyche must be considered the Living Image of the new Christ.
Who was God, now that the old Father God is dead?
Distinguishing the God of history from God the Absolute.
Who were the Gods? How are we to think of them today?
Coming to understand the meanings of Spirit and soul.
The reality of the Higher Self. Why the Higher Self is the new, Aquarian dispensation.
What is Mythos? Understanding the history of Logos and Mythos.
Why mythmaking is the supreme Art of the New Age.
Why mythmaking is the Art of all arts.
What are World Ages? The astrology behind cycles.
Understanding the waning Age of Pisces and the New Age of Aquarius.
Understanding our psychospiritual evolution.
Who or what is Technos?
How Technos has become the new Superpower in the world today.
Understanding the new techno-cultural movement called Transhumanism.
Why the integration of Technos and Psyche is the fundamental theme of the 21st Century.
Understanding the UFO phenomenon and its most profound significance for the New Age.
ET contact and how and why it points to our future spirituality.
What the Next Level of consciousness opening up to us is.
What is the Next Act of our evolution? (See the published work The New Story)
What is meant by super-creativity?
What is the supreme Art project of the New Age?
What is meant by reweaving the World Fabric?
What is meant by Threads? By the interconnectedness of Threads?
What is meant by Mythos of Place?
How do we begin to speak of the Mythos of our place?


Now that you have found me, do not let go of me,
said Psyche.


Have I not spoken of you yet?
Have I not celebrated you yet?
Eventually I will—
You, to me, are a luscious fruit.
And there are so many on the Tree

of Psyche—

Be patient.

I will taste of all of you
and sing of all I taste of all of you—




February 2016

Welcome to the Fountain of Unlimited Creativity!

As is apparent for those of you who have stopped by here in recent months, I have not yet been able to update my website on a reasonably regular schedule. Sooner or later, I hope to be able to do so.

Back on Saturday, February 16 I offered my Through The Labyrinth, a guided astrological meditation at The Satellite Telework Center in Felton. Michael Logue played keyboards to accompany me for this powerful visualization experience.

On Saturday, February 20 at The Satellite Telework Center in Felton I will be hosting the event “An Evening of Artists Sharing.” I will be performing my mini-play Children of No Memory. A variety of artists will be sharing their work.

The publishing of Technos & Psyche, A Prelude is on hold at this time, for lack of funding. Other manuscripts are in the queue.

I am currently in the process of turning my published work The Vision of Psyche into a performance.